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Holiday Safety with Scentsy Candles


scentsy candlesThe holiday season is here! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve are all just around the corner. Friends and family and strangers alike will gather near and wide to join the fun and festivities. And as we all gather in to celebrate the joys each holiday brings, Scentsy Candles wants to remind you to enjoy holiday safety with Scentsy style.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve are, unfortunately, the five days of the year on which the highest number of home fires is reported. Christmas lights, roaring fires from the fireplace or wood stove, kitchen mishaps, and decorative traditional candles create a haven for accidental home fires. October is Fire Safety Month, and Scentsy is proud to bring you safe, simple, and stylish products to use throughout the holiday season and every day.


The holidays bring everyone inside, young and old. The handsome bucks and pretty lass’ huddle in for some hot chocolate after a day sledding, skating, snowball throwing, and snowman building. The wee ones snuggle close to listen to stories told and rhymes read. Mama moves swiftly in the kitchen, Dad reads the paper, and Grandma sips a steaming cup of tea while Grandpa naps. Aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and friends both new and familiar crowd around an inviting table. And the oft unnoticed yet always appreciated guest in every holiday home, is the candle.


Traditional candles can be quickly knocked over by a toddling child or an over-exuberant youngster. Elderly parents or visitors may not see the candle when reaching for something. The smoke from a candle may irritate allergies or asthma in those who suffer these ailments. The flame and soot of a traditional candle can go from inviting to disastrous in seconds.


Scentsy is quickly becoming the industry standard in fragrance products because of their high level of safety. Scentsy Candles are exquisitely crafted ceramic warmers that come in three sizes, and use only a 15 – 25-watt light bulb (depending on product) to warm scented wax bars at a very low heat – just above body temperature – and never gets hot enough to burn. Because Scentsy products don’t use any flame or wicks, they are safe to leave on 24/7 – even around children, pets, and the elderly.


As the weather gets colder, pets are often invited in from the autumn or winter chill, adding to the fun – and the crowd. This means not only increased danger of knocking over traditional candles, but increased pet odor, too. Scentsy provides a safe scent solution for pets. With a full line of scented products including room spray, hand sanitizer, travel air fresheners, warmers, and even laundry soap, Scentsy Products will have your pet’s odors under control, and have you and your family breathing easy.


For the same reason Scentsy Warmers are safe for children, the elderly, and all guests, they’re also safe for pets. The specially-formulated wax cubes melt at a low temperature, and doesn’t even get too hot to touch. So if Fido pulls the tablecloth and your Warmer with it, or Fluffy jumps a little too close to your Scentsy Candle, they will not suffer injuries beyond a little fright. You can even leave the house with your pet inside and your Warmer plugged in and there is no danger of harming your pet or your home.


As friends and family gather in your home, you want them to experience a haven from the cold and the ordinary. Whether you have two or twenty people gathered, whether they are staying for dinner, for the day, or for a week, Scentsy has the perfect fragrance for you.


Holidays may be fun-filled and lovely, but they can also get hectic and stressful. When you need a break, look to Scentsy Layers to refresh your mind, body, and emotions. This new line of body and laundry care captures your favorite aromas and gives them to you in a shower gel, shower cream, body lotion, body butter, hand cream, body spray, solid perfume, washer whiffs, and dryer disks. Indulge in your favorite fragrances this holiday season, and rest comfortably in the safety and simplicity of Scentsy’s wickless, flameless Candles. Enjoy a safe holiday this year – Scentsy style.

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Scentsy Candle Warmers:  The Wafting Scent of a Welcoming Home

What do you do to achieve a sense of welcome for the visitors in your home? Is your secret having fresh flowers in the entryway and guest room? Do you keep music playing soft in the background? Or is the magic of your warm hospitality the dancing light of scented candles placed strategically in the various rooms? Whatever you use, you present guests with the cheery, welcoming atmosphere and beauty of your home.

What is it about the delightful beauty of fresh flowers, the subtle notes of music, and the fragrance and light of candles that says, “Welcome, and come in; we were expecting you”? These things hold forth romance, warmth, and peace to those who enter your home. And when you greet each one who enters with a smile and open arms, the sense of welcome to your home is complete.

You’ve chosen lovely flowers to share with company. Music serenades softly through the sound system. And the time has come to light the candles that will waft the scent of a welcoming home to greet your guests. Let me ask you a question: Are you using Scentsy Candle Warmers?

If You Love Candles—

Scentsy Candles have 80 fragrances for you to delight in—available in wickless candle Bars and Bricks. Each Bar lasts between 50 and 80 hours, outlasting most much larger candles in a jar. And a Brick is made up of six Bars—hours and hours of fabulous fragrance for your home.

You’ll Love Scentsy Candle Warmers

Wickless, flameless candles with sensational scent, Scentsy Candles make your home even more welcoming as a child-friendly and pet-friendly place. Offering you peace of mind and a safe alternative to open flames in your home, the Candle Bars are warmed in a decorative Scentsy Warmer that uses a low-watt bulb or heating element rather than burning wax that melts with fire. There is no danger of children or pets being burned, as the specially-formulated wax melts at low temperature. Warmth from the low-watt bulb forms a pool of wax that stays lukewarm to the touch. These “candle lamps” may be left unattended for hours, just like a table lamp, as you concentrate on graciously entertaining your guests without distraction—much safer than traditional candles.

Scentsy Candles Fragrance Collections

Enrich the welcoming atmosphere of your home by turning each room into a scented haven, or let one fragrance flow throughout. Scentsy offers you an ever-expanding variety of Candle Bar aromas to suit your fancy.

  • Do you want a calm, serene, relaxing perfume to permeate your home? Choose from Scentsy’s Spa
  • Do you wish to rev things up with an invigorating and elevating scent? Check out the citrus-leaning Simply Scentsy
  • Share the experience of sunshine and warmth with the Spring and Summer
  • Bring a dream vacation in the Islands to your home with the Tropical
  • The Corner Café Collection will make your guest’s mouth water with thoughts of warm, delicious delicacies.
  • Envelope your friends in the scent of love when you choose from the Romance
  • Twenty of our consistent go-to scents are gathered in the Favorites
  • Scentsy Man is sure to strike a chord with your male guests, whether they prefer spending time in the woods, the city, or their own back yards.


Nourish the spirits and enhance the experience of those spending time with you as the inviting aromas of Scentsy Candle Bars gently waft their way through your home. And when your entranced guests compliment you on your welcoming home, have a Scentsy Candle on hand to present as a gift!   For more information on all our “scentsational” products, contact your local Scentsy consultant.