Why You Need to Buy Scentsy Candles Online For Your Loved One

We’re encountering that special time of the year once again. The one that makes you peruse the fragrant candle light aisle at the home products store. The one that makes you want you had the cash to invest in a tasty candle light that will certainly make your whole home smell like pumpkin, pine, and even apple cinnamon. Aroma is among the greatest ties to our memories. When we light a candle at this time of year, we are instantly carried to our pleased childhoods packed with vacation cheer and the people we love who are no longer with us.

It’s likewise the time of year in which we have a hard time to think up exactly what gifts to provide the people who are still here. Exactly what do you get your sister? Your friend? Your child? Individuals have the tendency to state “I do not want anything,” but that doesn’t imply they should get absolutely nothing. Present cards are impersonal and not any enjoyable to cover. So, exactly what do you do?

Today we’re here to tell you all about Scentsy. Specifically, why you should get Scentsy candles online for you and yours. Below, we have a look at exactly what it is about these candles that make them fantastic gifts for your whole household.

Aroma Of The Month

If you resemble lots of people, then you love your fragrant candles so much that you go through them rapidly. On one hand this indicates you get to utilize lots of different kinds of scents. On the other, this habit can get rather pricey! Aromatic candles are some of the most pricey additions to any home, specifically if you use them a lot.

This is where Scentsy is available in. They offer a “aroma of the month.” On a monthly basis you can expect a new Scentsy candle light to arrive at your door with a brand name new aroma for you to check out. Obviously you can get candles individually if there’s one you truly love, but the point of the aroma of the month is to provide you a cheaper way to take pleasure in different fragrances in your home. If you do not such as one, simply wait for the next one to come in another month.

Purchasing someone a subscription to Scenty’s aroma of the month indicates they get to enjoy your present all year round. You can cover their first candle light and consist of a note talking about exactly what they can expect in the coming year. We wager your loved one is going to be tickled to death that something they think about to be so pricey is taken care of for them.

Vacation Candle light Warmers

There is another element when you get Scentsy candles online. Scentsy now provides special candle light warmers that can be used throughout the year.

Exactly what makes Scentsy candle light warmers special is their special vacation themes that last throughout the year. Of course, when people think of anything vacation themed, they think of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and perhaps Halloween.

Of course, these are huge holidays for Scentsy candle light warmers. Get a gorgeous warmer for Easter Sunday, a patriotic one for Self-reliance Day, or even a romantic one for Valentine’s Day.

When you get Scentsy candles online, you’re getting more than simply a one time present for yourself or your loved ones. You’re getting something that will certainly cheer them up the whole year through. Something to look forward to on those dull days when absolutely nothing seems to be going. If you’re having a hard time to think of a present for this holiday, we truly urge you to examine out Scentsy candles. It could be simply exactly what you were trying to find!

Recently, I purchased a Scentsy warmer from a good friend of mine. You can even pick the components of your candles online. Lastly, Scentsy presently provides 14 different scents of travel tins.

Scentsy Candles

Holiday Safety with Scentsy Candles


scentsy candlesThe holiday season is here! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Eve are all just around the corner. Friends and family and strangers alike will gather near and wide to join the fun and festivities. And as we all gather in to celebrate the joys each holiday brings, Scentsy Candles wants to remind you to enjoy holiday safety with Scentsy style.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Day, and New Year’s Eve are, unfortunately, the five days of the year on which the highest number of home fires is reported. Christmas lights, roaring fires from the fireplace or wood stove, kitchen mishaps, and decorative traditional candles create a haven for accidental home fires. October is Fire Safety Month, and Scentsy is proud to bring you safe, simple, and stylish products to use throughout the holiday season and every day.


The holidays bring everyone inside, young and old. The handsome bucks and pretty lass’ huddle in for some hot chocolate after a day sledding, skating, snowball throwing, and snowman building. The wee ones snuggle close to listen to stories told and rhymes read. Mama moves swiftly in the kitchen, Dad reads the paper, and Grandma sips a steaming cup of tea while Grandpa naps. Aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, and friends both new and familiar crowd around an inviting table. And the oft unnoticed yet always appreciated guest in every holiday home, is the candle.


Traditional candles can be quickly knocked over by a toddling child or an over-exuberant youngster. Elderly parents or visitors may not see the candle when reaching for something. The smoke from a candle may irritate allergies or asthma in those who suffer these ailments. The flame and soot of a traditional candle can go from inviting to disastrous in seconds.


Scentsy is quickly becoming the industry standard in fragrance products because of their high level of safety. Scentsy Candles are exquisitely crafted ceramic warmers that come in three sizes, and use only a 15 – 25-watt light bulb (depending on product) to warm scented wax bars at a very low heat – just above body temperature – and never gets hot enough to burn. Because Scentsy products don’t use any flame or wicks, they are safe to leave on 24/7 – even around children, pets, and the elderly.


As the weather gets colder, pets are often invited in from the autumn or winter chill, adding to the fun – and the crowd. This means not only increased danger of knocking over traditional candles, but increased pet odor, too. Scentsy provides a safe scent solution for pets. With a full line of scented products including room spray, hand sanitizer, travel air fresheners, warmers, and even laundry soap, Scentsy Products will have your pet’s odors under control, and have you and your family breathing easy.


For the same reason Scentsy Warmers are safe for children, the elderly, and all guests, they’re also safe for pets. The specially-formulated wax cubes melt at a low temperature, and doesn’t even get too hot to touch. So if Fido pulls the tablecloth and your Warmer with it, or Fluffy jumps a little too close to your Scentsy Candle, they will not suffer injuries beyond a little fright. You can even leave the house with your pet inside and your Warmer plugged in and there is no danger of harming your pet or your home.


As friends and family gather in your home, you want them to experience a haven from the cold and the ordinary. Whether you have two or twenty people gathered, whether they are staying for dinner, for the day, or for a week, Scentsy has the perfect fragrance for you.


Holidays may be fun-filled and lovely, but they can also get hectic and stressful. When you need a break, look to Scentsy Layers to refresh your mind, body, and emotions. This new line of body and laundry care captures your favorite aromas and gives them to you in a shower gel, shower cream, body lotion, body butter, hand cream, body spray, solid perfume, washer whiffs, and dryer disks. Indulge in your favorite fragrances this holiday season, and rest comfortably in the safety and simplicity of Scentsy’s wickless, flameless Candles. Enjoy a safe holiday this year – Scentsy style.

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