Candle and Soap



Balmoral Jar Bracelet

Available in Amber, Amethyst, Aqua, 
Emerald, Olive and Saphire.

$10.00 each (1 - 3)
$7.00 each (3 and up)

Soapstone Tart Warmers

For use with our 6 pack soy wax melties.
Includes one free tealight.


Soap Saver

In addition to providing luxurious lather, 
they are designed to make your soap last longer.


Soap Holder

Handmade soap is softer than other soap.  You must let
the soap air out between each use. 

The design of this soap holder lets air circulate both 
under the dish and under the soap. 


Floating Candle Set


Beaded Votive or Tealight Holder

We took a simple looking glass and added some class!
Includes one free tealight.