Salman Khan’s father Salim Khan says walking keeps his back better. Here is why

While the country has been put under a strict lockdown, veteran director and Salman Khan’s father, Salim Khan was recently in the news when he was seen walking on empty roads which irked some of the netizens.

However, Salim Khan clarified that he had been doing it on medical grounds after obtaining a valid pass from the authorities for the same. Speaking to an agency, he also explained the health issues he has been facing for long:

“I have been advised by the doctors to continue my walks as I have lower back issues. I have been walking for the last 40 years and the doctor has told me if I stop suddenly, it might affect my back more. Moreover, I have the pass issued by the government till April 30, and I am following all the norms possible.”

While Salim Khan’s walking trips may seem a little precarious during the lockdown, there’s no denying that walking is one of the best ways to boost your fitness levels considered to be one of the most effective treatments for back problems. We tell you why

The link between walking and better back health

Even though it might feel like all you need is rest when you have a sore or a stiff back, walking can help undo some of the problems and relieve acute pain in your spine. Researchers say engaging in light activity, like walking on a regular schedule decreases lower back pain. Plus, walking as activity comes naturally to the body which can be practised at any age or time.

Walking comes backed with several health benefits. Promoting weight loss, improving your mood, boosting the immune system, blood circulation, guaranteeing better sleep, there is nothing easier than walking. Plus, it is also helpful in moving and transporting nutrients in and around vital organs and tissues, accelerating healing and promoting balance, which is something that often gets compromised when your spine is not in a stable position. An improper posture, injury or deformation may affect circulation as the blood passes through the centre of the body, through the spine.

Regular walking, in a way, can help ensure healthy spine movement and keep it in the upright position. Remember, your back muscles are constantly working and an activity like walking can build endurance and keep it flexible, avoid any sort of aggravation.

Plus, since it’s also a functional activity, it can be one of the most basic regimes you can start without much hassle.

Walking for back pain: Things to remember

If you have been suggested or thinking about starting a walking routine to uplift your back, remember to keep in mind certain things. Walking is only helpful as long as you do it the right way. If done incorrectly, it can put you at the risk of developing a grave injury.

-Start with small steps and listen to your body’s cues. Take your time to adjust to the new routine.
-Make sure to wear the right shoes and maintain a good posture which supports your back.
-Pay attention to how you feel and assess your pain levels and proceed accordingly.
-If the pain gets worse, or even a gentle walk feels harsh on your back, see a doctor.

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