Hiring Removalists in Sydney

No one enjoys the hassles of moving. Sometimes there are delicate items, and you fear they might get destroyed during the process. It is also stressful to pack and unpack items when moving them from one house to another. You may also not have the equipment to use for packaging and moving them. Hiring a removalist will enable you  to move to your house safely and professionally. However, hiring removalists Sydney has can be overwhelming. You must consider several points for you to get a competent and reliable one.

Compare different service providers

You need to shop around and compare several removalists before you settle on the right one. Research on your options thoroughly so that you can be confident you are hiring quality services for the price charged. You can check customer reviews to assess the level of satisfaction you are likely to get. Get recommendations from family members and friends for reputable and competent removalists.

Accreditation status

Removalists Sydney has with accreditation from the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) are more reliable than those that are not accredited. AFRA ensures that a company meets certain standards before they are issued with the accreditation certificate. The equipment, vehicles, premises, and staff training must meet the standards that are needed for a professional move. Packing and unpacking of items need to be done by well-trained individuals to avoid destruction during movement. AFRA ensures that the companies they endorse have trained packers. This will ensure that your move is safe.

Get quotes

Provide your service provider with sufficient information about your moving needs so that they can provide you with an accurate quote. It is important that you get a written quote before you hire removalists in Sydney. Make sure the quote given has detailed information about all the charges. If something is unclear about some charges, seek clarification before you hire a removalist.

Examine the contracts

The service provider should provide you with a contract that you need to read carefully before you sign. The contract should have complete details of the services to be provided, pick up and delivery address, a household of inventory to be moved, and dates and time the move will take place. Read the terms and condition of the contract to ensure there are no hidden charges. Check on the company’s refund policy in case you have paid some money and wish to cancel the contract before the moving date.


It is important that you arrange for your insurance to cover your goods for any loss and damage. The law does not require removalists Sydney, AU has to insure your household goods during movement. However, AFRA accreditation ensures that the company has Public Liability Insurance and transit insurance for the goods they move. The transit cover insures your goods during packing and moving to new premises.

Hiring a removalist is a challenging task because you need to be sure that your household goods will be moved safely. Take the time and evaluate several companies before you select the right one. You can take into consideration the points above to pick the right removalist.

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